May 26, 2011


You are my most painful wound,
The knife that digs the deepest,
The sorrow that comes creeping in when I am at my weakest,
The bitterness that drowns my thoughts,
The loss of all I treasure,
The emptiness that fills the void where once resided pleasure.

I do not wish to think of you,
To dwell on all that’s aching,
Your memory is killing me, I cannot keep from breaking,
You are all I ever wanted,
What I could have loved forever,
But now I have you tightly bound in ties that I must sever.

Beyond the reach of all that’s lost,
And all I must remember,
That fire burns inside me still, though now a dying ember,
I grieve the ecstasy of you,
The bliss that we’d have tasted,
If only you’d had faith in what so easily you wasted.

Somewhere, there must be strength in me,
I pray I will discover,
To chase the thought of ‘us’ away, replace it with another,
I can’t pretend to understand,
What I had done to fail you,
You’ll never know how much that hurts because I’ll never tell you.

You are my most painful wound,
This torture, never-ending,
My punishment for all the times I fell into pretending,
That this was somehow meant to be,
A foolish dream, ill-fated,
I never was the one you loved… I am the one you hated.

© April Slaughter

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