Then, Now, Always

May 29, 2011


My eyes were never open
And my heart was never free
Until the day you crossed my path and shook the core of me
And now I stand here lucid
Lost in all you’ve ever said
As life is placed back into dreams I thought had long been dead

You’re the only one who noticed
I existed, I was real
And you mended every wound in me I swore would never heal
My pain was all-consuming
And you knew that pain so well
That you made for me a Heaven out of all that once was Hell

My soul was filled with silence
Once so deafening to hear
That I often felt like drowning in the depths of all my fear
Just to stop the ground from shaking
That was crumbling at my feet
To forget, for once, that I had been a victim of deceit

And there you were to show me
That you weren’t what others were
You were genuine, authentic, your intentions only pure
You are all I’ve ever wanted
But was sure did not exist
There is rapture when you hold me that I never could resist

I think I must have known you
Must have loved you once before
Or a thousand times in lives I can’t remember anymore
For I love you without question
I have faith that this is real
I loved you then, I love you now, I know I always will

© A. Slaughter
First published in The Consequence of Silence

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