The S A D I S T

May 26, 2011

© AClockworkBlue

The S A D I S T

Just keep quiet
Let me tell you when, and where, and why, and how
And do not express opinion, I won’t listen to it now
No more crying
It annoys me, and my patience wears so thin
Bury all of your emotions, try to grow a thicker skin
Stop your begging
Or on second thought, I quite prefer the sound
I could listen to you suffer ‘til you’re six feet underground
You are nothing
And yet everything I find to be amusing
I love you and I loathe you, yes I know it is confusing
You’re pathetic
But it makes me smile to see how well you cower
Every second, every minute, every single waking hour
I will hurt you
Every chance I get, I’ll revel in your sorrow
You think today is painful, you just wait until tomorrow…

© April Slaughter

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