The Dark

May 26, 2011



Where are you when I need you?
When the dark comes creeping in,
And I can’t suppress the craving for your breath upon my skin.
I don’t see you, I don’t hear you,
You’re a phantom of my mind,
A fantasy I cannot help but constantly rewind.
The things you say enslave me,
Etch themselves upon my thoughts,
And feed a growing ache inside that ties me up in knots.
Every night I come unraveled,
Fall apart at every seam,
Just to pray that when I fall asleep, I’ll see you in a dream.
I must revel in this heartache,
To invite it as I do,
Pursuing all the pain that I have come to find in you.
I wonder where you’re hiding,
When you up and disappear,
I want so much to touch you, but I can’t if you’re not here.
Please don’t ask me not to want you,
That’s a choice I cannot make,
If I promised to forget you, that’s a promise I would break.
Am I wrong to think you want this?
Should I turn and walk away?
I’ll never find the answers in the words you do not say.
I did not set out to find you,
But I can’t escape you now,
If you want me to regret it all, you’ll have to show me how.
I don’t have the strength to fight you,
Nor a willingness to try,
I don’t want to stop believing, I don’t want to say goodbye.
If you ever find you need me,
When the dark comes creeping in,
And you can’t suppress the craving for my breath upon your skin,
You will have what you desire,
Be it wrong, or be it right,
I will come to you in silence, I will bring your darkness light.

© April Slaughter

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