The Candle

May 26, 2011

© ~Alorn


The rain was falling fast that night,
As I lay there alone,
It gently hit the window pane,
The wind began to moan.

I lit a candle by the bed,
And stood to look outside,
The sky was dark and seemed as if,
It opened up and cried.

I wandered through the lonely house,
As lightning lit each room,
I wasn’t fearful, for I hoped,
That he’d be coming soon.

I brushed my hair back from my face,
And turned my head to see,
That he was there, all soaking wet,
Just waiting there for me.

I saw something inside his eyes,
As he reached for my hand,
He pulled me close and held me tight,
And knew I’d understand.

He kissed me for the longest time,
And gently stroked my hair,
The water on his skin was cold,
But I could hardly care.

He told me he would stay awhile,
But couldn’t stay all night,
He had to get back on the road,
Before the morning light.

He held me and he kept me warm,
I wanted him to stay,
I prayed we’d have the chance again,
To be like this someday.

His leaving caused me so much pain,
More pain than I could handle,
I watched his tail-lights fade away,
As I blew out the candle.

© April Slaughter

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