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Troy Taylor

There are those writers who can tell a great story, one that has you looking over your shoulder and leaving the lights on at night. There are others who can take you away to another place and time, where living and breathing the dust of yesterday just seems to come with the story. And others that know just where to stick in the knife, chilling you to the point that you go to bed at night securely tucked in and knowing that a cold hand is just waiting to come out from under the bed and grab you by the ankle… And where does April Slaughter fit into this list? She combines the best of all of these, forcing you to look at things that terrify you and immersing you into the story in a way that the past and the present come alive and sometimes they scare the bejesus out of you! Trust me when I tell you that April is the perfect companion on a roadtrip to the weird side of anywhere. You won’t be disappointed with anything she writes!


Dr. Ciarán O’Keeffe

An Edgar Allan Poe quote opens the book:

“The boundaries which divide life and death are at best shadowy and vague. Who shall say where one ends and the other begins?” There then follows a unique journey through the haunted side of Texas which blurs the boundaries between reality and the written word. At times the shadowy world of the afterlife creeps out of the page, bringing life to places I’ve never visited.

In April Slaughter we have a tour guide who doesn’t just regurgitate facts poached from websites or other books (a literary crime perpetrated by far too many “ghosthunting guides”) she visits the haunted locations, she talks to eyewitnesses, she yearns to answer the very question Poe asked using evidence captured with each case.

This is truly a fascinating book that does more than make me a voracious reader…it makes me want to be in Texas investigating the boundaries between life and death for myself.


Rosemary Ellen Guiley

April Slaughter brings professionalism and integrity to the paranormal.

April is dedicated to field research and to contributing to the paranormal field’s understanding of the unknown.

It is certainly a pleasure knowing and working with April.


John Melchior

People read for many reasons – to escape, engage, learn, and just to be entertained.

It’s rare when you read something that encompasses all of those traits. April’s work does. I’ve found her books as well as her articles entertaining from start to finish. If you want to stimulate thought, be educated and entertained, Ms. Slaughter does not disappoint. Find a comfy chair, sit back and enjoy.


Paulina Cassidy

April’s free-spirited yet thorough writing approach is pure of heart and penetrating for the mind.

Her personal studies of the paranormal carve a new pathway toward uncovering arcane worlds both seen and unseen. She is not only a talented writer, but a joy to be around.

Certainly a person worth noting.


Grant Wilson

Rarely does someone capture unknown worlds so viscerally and with an accuracy far too lacking in the paranormal world.

Well researched and eloquently written, April’s words never fail to enrapture.

A great writer.


Deonna Kelli Sayed

April Slaughter is quickly emerging as a unique female voice in the paranormal community. Her intelligence, wit, and integrity are facilitating sophisticated and intellectual dialogue on emerging issues. Yet, April transcends the paranormal through her exploration of different types of prose – from poetry to creative non-fiction — thus doing what authentic writers do: giving new truth and dynamic ideas a language and place in the world.


Scotty Roberts

April is a dear friend, and in the time I have known her, I’ve had opportunity to read a great deal of what she has written, from books to articles, essays to poetry.

She has established herself not only as a solid researcher and an erudite exspositor, but also as a spelunker of the deep hollows and dark, hidden nooks-and-crannies of the soul. She worked for the mag long before I was at the helm, and I would have none other for my Senior Staff Writer.


John Kachuba

April is a true professional. Her dedication and commitment to the field of paranormal investigation makes her a solid, down-to-the-earth investigator, yet her passion for her work shines through and inspires and energizes others. I was the editor of her book Ghosthunting Texas, a partnership I enjoyed very much. April brought that same passion and dedication to her work as an author and the result is an entertaining and informative book that belongs on the bookshelf of any ghosthunter, no matter where he lives.


Patrick Burns

April has been a colleague of mine for many years. In the time I’ve known her, I’ve found her to be among the most intelligent and credible investigators I’ve had the pleasure to know. Her knowledge of paranormal topics makes her one of the most dynamic and engaging speakers and authors in the field.