Tarot Insights

May 25, 2011

© Timothy Lantz

Tarot cards – a quick search on the internet will yield a seemingly infinite amount of information about them. Whether you are looking for a deck of cards to purchase, interested in reading up on their history, or if you are simply curious as to what other people think of them, you won’t have a difficult time locating a source. Bookstores have shelves filled with different tarot decks sitting right alongside books on how to use and decipher them. Honestly, it can be a tad overwhelming, especially for anyone just beginning to take an interest.

© Paulina Cassidy

I found myself wanting to own a deck of tarot cards just about three or four years ago, despite having been raised to believe they were an instrument of evil. I grew up being taught that if I ever so much as shuffled a deck of tarot cards, I was asking for trouble. I was curious as to why they had been given such a bad reputation. They were, after all, just paper with pretty pictures on them, right?

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