May 29, 2011


In loneliness I drown in sorrow,
Wishing it to be tomorrow,
Another day until forever,
When he and I can be together.

I search for him when lost in dreaming,
And put an end to all the scheming,
Leaving all I’ve been regretting,
Forgiving all I’m not forgetting.

Yet still I find myself deciding,
If I should come out of this hiding,
Tell him that I need him badly,
Show him that I love him madly.

The man I love, that I desire,
Tempts me toward that burning fire,
With hunger’s passion still igniting,
I feel as if I’m always fighting.

I wish I had the strength to tell him,
I promise I would never fail him,
I scream it out but still not speaking,
Scrambling for the words I’m seeking.

Tonight I wish I would have told him,
How desperately I want to hold him,
He has a past he has yet to bury,
I cannot give him more to carry.

A storm of feelings keeps on growing,
When it will end, I am unknowing,
This storm inside me grows in violence,
Yet still my love remains in silence.

© April Slaughter
First published in The Consequence of Silence

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