Seeking Out the Skinwalker

May 25, 2011

Welcome to the strangest place on Earth…

Extraordinary things often happen in the most ordinary places. In a remote area of Northeastern Utah, one such place has reportedly been host to paranormal phenomenon in nearly every form. To look at it, nothing extravagant or unique would likely catch your attention and you’d probably drive by it none the wiser to what has occurred within its perimeter. This is the Skinwalker Ranch, and visitors are not welcome. I was born and raised in Utah, spending a majority of my adolescent life roaming around the desert, mountains, lakes and rivers abundant all throughout the state. Duchesne County and I were no strangers either, as members of my extended family called it home. I spent many a summer among the sagebrush-ridden hills and copper colored sand imagining it to be another world entirely. Little did I know at the time that in many ways it was.

It wasn’t until I attended a local MUFON meeting in Salt Lake City late in 2006 that I was introduced to the Skinwalker Ranch, and since that day my intrigue with it has grown significantly. I purchased a book called Hunt for the Skinwalker by Colm A. Kelleher, Ph.D. & George Knapp that had been showcased at the meeting, and off I went to learn more about the ranch for myself. All of my life it had been there, and yet I had never heard of it. The spark of intrigue now urged me to learn more about the ranch and the alleged events occurring within its perimeter.

To read the articles in their entirety, please click on the following links:

PDF Download: Seeking Out The Skinwalker (Part One)
PDF Download: Seeking Out The Skinwalker (Part Two)

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