May 26, 2011

© ~g2x


If my heart was all I offered you,
My only sacrifice,
Then time to heal, to mend the wounds,
Would certainly suffice,
But time to me means nothing,
As my heart is only one,
Of many things I’ve given you,
That cannot be undone.
The darkness that I shroud in light,
Keep buried deep within,
So easily you resurrect,
Each time you touch my skin,
And all of whom I’ve ever been,
And all I’ll ever be,
Is something only you could know,
That you alone can see.
My secrets, they’re no longer mine,
I’ll give them all to you,
I’ll act them out and make them real,
Just like I promised to,
You bring to me such pleasure,
And you bring to me such pain,
Exquisite is this agony,
I do not dare explain.
I sit here and I wait for you,
These tears that I am crying,
They symbolize those parts of me,
I cannot keep from dying,
They blacken, and they waste away,
Their worth, I can’t recover,
I’m searching for the remedy,
I pray I will discover.
Denying you is not a choice,
With which I am presented,
Your presence in my life is one,
Forever now cemented,
A slave to all you ask of me,
You’re all that I desire,
If it pleases you to watch me burn,
Then guide me to the fire.
Please find your way to me again,
Come look into my eyes,
And see once more the things you craved,
Before this moment dies,
You have my heart, you have my soul,
You’ll have my body too,
There’s not a piece of who I am,
I will not give to you.

© April Slaughter

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