November 18, 2011

©senigmaticx ~ Used with permission

You think that I need you,
That I breathe you and bleed you,
That my thoughts are consumed by your name,
If you think I’m defeated,
Somehow lost or depleted,
You’re deluded, and that is a shame.

Your lies all uncovered,
All your secrets discovered,
There is nothing that I cannot see,
When you wake up tomorrow,
And you’re drowning in sorrow,
Know your rescuer will not be me.

I treated you kindly,
Always loved you so blindly,
Never wanting to see what you were,
You are lucky you tasted,
The love that you wasted,
You’ll regret this, of that I am sure.

You can keep on believing,
And insist on deceiving,
Telling lie after obvious lie,
It just doesn’t concern me,
You had one chance to burn me,
If you think you can hurt me, just try.

I am standing without you,
All the wiser about you,
And I’m stronger than ever I was,
All you’ve sown, now you’re reaping,
So deserved is your weeping,
Hope it hurts – I’ve no doubt that it does.

If you think that I need you,
That I breathe you and bleed you,
That I crave you with all that I am,
Then you’re sadly mistaken,
I can feel your heart breakin’,
And I honestly don’t give a damn.

© April Slaughter
First published in ‘The Consequence of Silence.’

3 Comments to “MISTAKEN”

  1. Larry says:

    wow april that really hits the spot at this time in my life

  2. Tamera Bovyer says:

    I like this poem of yours- You always were very gifted in the poetry department- I could NEVER come up with anything even when it was a required assignment in English class- love the talented you!

  3. Greg Moreland says:

    Wow April! Again you have shown us your talent as a poet!

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