Demons of My Own

July 3, 2011

© Jarek Kubicki


I fear for you
Your demons are taking over
And I can’t help you
I have demons of my own…
You hide from them
But they know where you are
I had to tell them
Or I’d be cursed
They’ve haunted me
I had no choice
But to offer you to them
I have demons of my own…
They’ll keep hunting
You’re not a secret anymore
Please forgive me
For my confession was damning
You betrayed them
By telling me your secrets
I can’t free you
I have demons of my own…
Can you feel them?
They’re at your heels
Do not run from them
They’ll come for me
You will never be free
They have you now
It is my turn to hide
I have demons of my own…


© April Slaughter
First published in The Consequence of Silence

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