Consume Me

June 7, 2011

© kubicki – Used with permission


Have you any idea what I see in your eyes,
When by chance they have met up with mine?
A darkness I crave, free of pretense and lies,
It’s a feeling I cannot define.

You touch me in ways no one’s touched me before,
As you seek out the shadows in me,
Embracing the demons that live in my core,
That so many are frightened to see.

All the walls I took years to construct in my heart,
You walked through like they weren’t even there,
You made whole what so many had taken apart,
Healed the damage I could not repair.

My soul has emerged from a state of unrest,
To a place where my future is clear,
And the love that you grant me, the time you invest,
Has erased every doubt, every fear.

I want you to know just how much you are worth,
There is nothing for you I’d not do,
For no greater desire exists on this earth,
Than my growing desire for you.

You stir up the embers of fires long dead,
With the heat of your hands on my skin,
You have lifted the sorrow and banished the dread,
And I pray you consume me again.

© April Slaughter
First published in The Consequence of Silence

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