July 3, 2011


© Jarek Kubicki

Tonight I feel my soul has woken,
To hear the words still yet unspoken,
Riddles you’re so good at weaving,
And truths that are in fact deceiving.

My spirit weeps for all I’m losing,
Though this path is one of my own choosing,
I watch the ground beneath me crumble,
And hear you laugh each time I stumble.

I close my eyes, avoid the vision,
Of all within that needs revision,
I find no fault in your perfection,
Though it leads me in the wrong direction.

You stand aside with hidden violence,
And let me drown within your silence,
Your face remembered every minute,
No memory is without you in it.

My blood runs cold inside my veins,
As in them something still remains,
A chill that finds its way inside me,
With strength that has alone defied me.

I’m tripping on transparent wires,
And burning in these endless fires,
It seems, for you, I’m always waiting,
Here breathlessly anticipating…

That one day you will come to find me,
And put to rest the pain inside me,
Reveal to me the things unspoken,
Or leave me be to lie here broken.


© April Slaughter
First published in ‘The Consequence of Silence.’

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